Rapidly detect vulnerability in your loan book

Better decisions.
Better outcomes.

Finexos combines advanced AI, behavioural analytics and
real-time data to reduce risk, costs and default rates for
lenders, borrowers and society.

How Finexos improves lending

Our solutions

Supercharge your credit decisioning software with our AI-powered financial capability metrics.

Retrospective analysis

Get an accurate snapshot of the quality of your current loan book in real time with our complimentary Loan Book Vulnerability Analysis report.

Better decisioning in real time

Unlock new, or previously rejected, customers through the power of our AI and financial capability metrics.

Ongoing monitoring

Detect early signs of financial distress and potential default in real time with our ongoing monitoring solution.

Video overview

How it works

Multiple data sources:

Fiola is capable of processing data from multiple sources in heterogeneous
formats including open banking, finance and accounting.

Transactional Data
Open Banking
Credit Bureau
Origination Data
Other Data

Our AI powered platform:

Built on the latest infrastructure to deliver high performance, security, and stability.

  • Automated factor prioritisation
  • Behavioural based credit decisioning
  • No PII required or accepted
  • Automated factor prioritisation
  • Behavioural based credit decisioning
  • No PII required or accepted
  • Advanced data engineering capabilities
  • Fairer decisioning through bias mitigation
  • Deep learning

Financial capability review:

Detailed financial analysis illustrates how well a borrower manages their cash flow and credit commitments in real time.


FCS® is our proprietary metric used to determine the
overall suitability of a credit product for a borrower.

Our partners


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James Smith

Managing Director

Complimentary Loan Book Vulnerability Analysis

Step 1

Share your data through our secure vault

- Data accepted in heterogeneous formats
- No PII required
- ISO 27001 certified

Step 2

Loan book data assessed by FIOLA®

- Data QA process
- Transited to the FIOLA® risk engine
- Data screened through 300+ factors to identify risk

Step 3

See your results

- Vulnerability analysis
- Capital at risk
- Probability of default
- Summary & recommendations

ISO certified

Safely open up credit to millions more borrowers through better credit decisioning

Our mission

Finexos was created with the dual goals of delivering financial inclusion and ending credit poverty. We know that, by equipping providers of credit with the tools to better detect risk, we can be part of the solution that will unlock credit for the millions globally that are underserved or completely excluded from the credit market through no fault of their own.

Our impact

More inclusive lending, based on our financial capability metrics, unlocks entirely new markets whilst reducing overall risk exposure through the use of our advanced AI and behavioural analytics. Finexos enables lenders and credit decision engines to safely include more borrowers, even those with thin or no credit files and without the need for borrower PII or credit scores.


Test us at NayaOne

Test our solution in a risk free environment with our partners at NayaOne, the largest integrated marketplace in the UK. Join Tier 1 banks and other financial institutions, with instant API access to our award winning products.

Our Awards

Our achievements have been recognised by multiple industry bodies.

Fairer Finance

Winners of the 2020 Fairer Finance Hackathon beating entrants from over 20 countries (backed by Innovate UK)

Open Finance

Finalist in the 2020 Global Open Finance Appathon, highlighting our progress and development of integration software to help lenders use Open Finance technology

Credit Repair

Voted Most Innovative Credit Repair Solution Provider UK 2022 by Wealth and Finance International

Case study

Featured case study

FCA Innovation pathway

The FCA’s Innovation Pathways scheme is a service provided to assist technology providers in delivering innovative solutions to the UK financial services market. 

Finexos is now partnering with leading institutions and working with data from the FCA’s Digital Sandbox to produce a number of use cases for the Innovation Pathways team, with a view to ongoing testing through regulated sandboxes.

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