Finexos joins
Innovate Finance

The Finexos team is delighted to share that the company has joined Innovate Finance, the independent industry body and voice of UK FinTech.

For eight years, Innovate Finance’s mission has been to accelerate the UK’s leading role in the financial services sector by directly supporting the next generation of technology-led innovators to create a more inclusive, more democratic and more effective financial services sector that works better for everyone.

The membership and partnership community ranges from seed-stage startups to scale-up and high-growth Fintechs; from multinational financial institutions to big tech firms; and from investors to global Fintech hubs.

The industry body supports its members and the wider financial innovation ecosystem by promoting policy and regulation that allows innovation to thrive, encouraging talent, diversity and skills into the sector, facilitating the scaling journey, fostering business opportunity, partnerships and domestic and international growth, and driving capital into UK FinTech.

By bringing together and connecting the most forward-thinking participants in financial services, Innovate Finance helps to create a financial services sector that is more transparent, more sustainable and more inclusive. We look forward to being an active part of the community and collaborating to achieve a common vision.