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A quick, rapid integration through a single API unlocks all
of the benefits from our advanced data intelligence for any
provider of credit to unlock more value from their lending
operations, for minimal extra cost.

Recent success story

Finexos was engaged by a near-prime lender who was experiencing a high percentage of defaults in their UK-based consumer loan portfolio. We were tasked with conducting an examination of a book of more than 70,000 loans, totalling £23m, which was in run-off (i.e. the loan capital was not being re-lent, as the debt matured).

Complimentary Loan Book Vulnerability Analysis

Step 1

Share your data through our secure vault

– Data accepted in heterogeneous formats
– No PII required
– ISO 27001 certified

Step 2

Loan book data assessed by FIOLA®

– Data QA process
– Transited to the FIOLA® risk engine
– Data screened through 300+ factors to identify risk

Step 3

See your results

– Vulnerability analysis
– Capital at risk
– Probability of default
– Summary & recommendations

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Our impact

More inclusive lending, based on our financial capability metrics, unlocks entirely new markets whilst reducing their overall risk exposure through the use of our advanced AI and behavioural analytics. Finexos enables lenders to safely include more borrowers, even those with thin or no credit files and without the use of PII or credit scores.

Frequently asked questions

Please reach out to our experienced team for specific questions on any of our solutions or use cases.

I’m interested in an enterprise partnership or in reselling Finexos’ products. How do I contact you?

Please fill out our contact form and someone will be in touch.

How does Finexos’ approach differ from our competitors?

Unlike our competitors, we enable lenders to use data in real time from multiple sources to calculate the overall suitability of a credit product for a borrower, based on their financial capability, affordability, and suitability for the product. Our AI composites over 300 data points with behavioural analytics and affordability metrics to ensure the borrower will repay, thus significantly reducing the chances of default.

What is the difference between affordability and capability?

Affordability is a measure of the ability of a borrower to meet the repayment terms of a credit product based on their cash position. Capability is a measure of how well a borrower manages their cash and credit on an ongoing basis, and how they prioritise expenditures.

Does Finexos provide consumer financial transaction data?

No, Finexos is a data intelligence provider that analyses transaction data provided by our customers. Finexos is able to integrate with all Open Banking providers and take data in heterogeneous formats.

Does Finexos share personal borrower related data?

Finexos does not hold or store any PII data belonging to credit applicants. We have completely anonymised the process to negate the effects of unwanted bias.